Got some very exciting news!
Anna Dello Russo, style icon and the Fashion Director at Large from Vogue Nippon is designing a range of accessories for H&M. This unique pieces will hit stores on October 4th. “I wanted to create precious accessories that are impossible to find,” says Dello Russo “As a stylist, I know accessorization is essential; it is the personal touch in any outfit. With these pieces, everybody can have fun, and turn an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day.” From what I can tell the collection consists of mostly gold and turquoise pieces from bejeweled clutches to bangles in the shape of snakes and even a pair of strappy stilettos. The line seems to be very inspired by estate jewelry and baroque design.

Watch Anna Dello Russo show off her amazing closets — and discuss her view on fashion — in the video below.

 H&M Press


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  1. Woah, I want the shades with the big studs and the gold shoes! But I don't think I can afford anything like that though *sighs*
    Are the spiky shoes on your header yours? It's so awesome!


  2. @Nyla:
    Don't worry about the price, it's still a H&M collaboration so it should be affordable ;)

    Kind regards and stay in touch!


  3. So so happy ! I already know what I'm getting ... EVERYTHING.

  4. As a style consultant/coach I love to see new ideas and get inspiration. I like when you have the combination of something feminin and rough. Great photo's and blog you have!! You are welcome to take a peek of my work on my blog Would love to hear your comment :)
    Blog love from STYLEFIG


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