Fashion is trend-driven and Stylecoaching provides a new way to follow and oversee these fast-paced trends.  Stylecoaching was launched by Laura in 2008, envisioning it as a personal style diary.It was one of the first personal style blogs in Belgium. But now the blog became more than just a personal place… The focus is on covering the world of fashion, runway, trends, lifestyle and traveling. Traveling a lot for her work, it is her passion to share emerging trends and style phenomenons all over the world. 
This blog tries to standout for combining all the quality content you’d expect to find in an online magazine but with an honest opinion (and not just advertising a couple of high fashion brands). This blog is updated frequently, keeping up to date with the new and up-and-coming fashion trends. The goal is to keep on providing an inspirational space with detailed expertise where we can exchange our opinions/experience.  

All professional tips, suggestions and press releases are welcome and can be send to stylecoaching@live.be

Enjoy the updates!

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