With Olivier Rousteing as the new creative director, we didn´t know what would become off the Spring collection. The resort collection pleased us, but it is still  his first time putting the clothes on the runway in front of the entire fashion world to see and critic them. It´s not easy to please the clients of a label with a sensational reputation being so young (only 25). But as I thought, he didn´t let us down. The show was very inspired by Las Vegas, cowboys, and matadors, but he transformed this inspiration in glamorous and chic pieces. Elaborate embroideries and pieces covered in rhinestones remained the name of the game in the collection by the new designer. I saw metallic and crystal accents, leather trousers, slouchy tops, high waisted trousers and amazing fringe dresses (last picture). All finished with amazing details and precision of cut. Also the accessories were amazing: stunning metallic accessories and cuff bracelets. Rousting stayed true to the glam rock-chick atmosphere which made the house so famous, but updated the pieces in a more glamorous, less nonchalant way. 

*What are your thoughts on the collection and the new touch Rousting gave to the Spring collection?*




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