Forever 21 is coming to Belgium!
Forever 21 operates a chain of retail clothing stores catering to teenage girls and young women. The fast-growing retailer operates more than 450 stores under the Forever 21. As Forever 21 continues to rocket into the 21st century, competitors are undoubtedly trying to decode the fast-fashion chain's successful formula. But as you know Belgium hasnt always  been the fastest fashionwise, so our first store opens the 30th of July in Brussels City. So thats very exciting news for many fashion minded men and women. I got to know the label from the online shop where I already purchase clothes for many years now. What makes me choose for Forever 21 is that they are delivering the latest trends at very reasonable prices. About 60 percent of production is based in the United States; this allows the company to bring new runway trends to market in a matter of weeks. 
And what does a fashionista wants more?
Click here for some online shopping if you can't wait no longer...



Forever 21

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