First of all a big sorry for the lack of posts, but I have many exams and presentations this last month. In my free time I usually try to keep a social life and search for fashion inspiration. So I stumbled upon the new resort collection of Burberry Prorsum. For this collection, Bailey took inspiration from African tribal prints: rows of colored wooden beads, shoes with tribal necklaces on (really liking the shoes!). The fabric, which is reminiscent of the wax-print technique used in Ghana (going there for a couple of months soon) appeared on many trenchcoats.   The trenchcoats and its colours were refreshing: the turquoise-, orange-, and green-flecked patterns which are cut tight into a ruffle-fronted, knee-length dress, and appear in a short A-line, sixties-inspired cotton raincoat. Bailey: "We really wanted to emphasize this feeling of artisanal and decorative pieces that had been touched by hand, celebrating craftsmanship but always with this playful element." And he certainly did just that and makes me want to have an array of these coats in my closet.
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