Matthew Williamson Spring 2011

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For spring 2011 the British designer built his collection around the idea of a shipwrecked working maiden and her weather-worn Western wardrobe. That translated into a jaunty, color-packed collection featuring raffia fringe and embroidery for miniskirts, cropped jackets and lightweight wool shifts; swingy skirts dripping with bugle beads and peacock feathers, and handcrafted tops with details made from bits of wood and tin. The dominant note was a muted khaki, accented with dusky shades of blush and shimmering metallic beadwork.

 For his evening looks the designer chose floor length parachute silk gowns. So we noticed a quite longer silhouette this Spring instead of the mini skirts and dresses from previous Spring. 
Personally I´m loving the gold peacock feather skirt and the dark keyhole frock with a neckline edged in silver beading. 

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Vogue Gallery
Vogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue Gallery


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