*Trend: Ruffles

Embrace your femininity this summer by stepping out in ruffles!
This girly embellishment enhances the look of any outfit.
Many designers present them in their frilliest, feminine form.
But lest you pass out from all the pastel, remember that opposites attract, and an edgy element such as a distressed moto jacket, black leather belt or tailored blazer will go a long way as you court this look.
Because it's all about contrasts this Spring.
Here I've selected a couple pieces:
Marni Horn ruffle bracelet
Marni Horn ruffle bracelet
Rachel Gilbert Hannah mini dress
Rachel Gilbert Hannah mini dress
Moschino Ruffle-skirt dress
Moschino Ruffle skirt dress
Designers Remix Collection Ruffle neck dress
Designer Remix Collection ruffle neck dress
Emanuel Ungaro Taffeta silk mini skirt
Emanuel Ungaro Taffeta silk mini skirt
Catherine Malandrino Ruffle neck top
Catherine Malandrino ruffle neck top
Zimmermann Summer Lovers bikini
Zimmerman summer lovers bikini

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