*Runway: Alexander McQueen

For his spring show McQueen created a stunning set, a huge projection of the rotating sun morphing into the moon and back behind what looked like a dream theme park, a congregation of animals: zebra, polar bear, elephant, deer, assorted wild cats, birds and more...
McQueen's couture sensibilities are breathtaking in close-up, where the detail of flowers and birds becomes visible in lace underlayers and then echoed in lace ankle-wrappings incorporated in shoes.
He also gave himself over to a long passage of bright, multicolored allover prints, engineered to fit around jackets, leggings, and cocoon dresses.
The clothes McQueen showed had a fetishistic power, which had everything to do with their intense focus on the body.
Here some snapshots of the amazing show:

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  1. Fabulous picks! Thank you so much for stopping by! =]

    La C.

  2. Lovely collection! Great pics!

    juliet xxx

  3. No thanks,
    I really loved the whole show, it looked more like looking at a movie than looking at a regular fashion show.
    x Laura

  4. i want all the outfit!
    they are all so stunning.
    nice blog
    (: x



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