Lagerfeld presented Chanel's Cruise collection in Dubai, the land of massive building development, tourism, mega-wealth creation (and unfortunately slavery).  Lagerfeld about his show; "This is my idea of a romantic, modern Orient, a new One Thousand and One Nights." And there was no place more appropriate to offer it up than Dubai, where West and East,  real and fake meet each other with the hazy cityscape in the background. 
He describes the collection pieces as an Orient of his imagination of the 21st century. 
Arabic paving stones and tiles from the 11th and 12th centuries were the inspiration and decorated the pieces. Disregard the busy patterns, Lagerfeld hit a sweet spot of elegance and seeming simplicity with his collection. 
It's definitely a collection made for the Emirati women, now Dubai is back on a strong financial growth track, it's a good investment and business opportunity for Chanel Couture, with an already large customer base in the Emirates. 


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  1. Sounds like such a fun film festival! So much talent. Also, seeing the fashion will be amazing. :)



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