With a women’s clothing and accessories line, girl’s collection and perfume, SuperTrash has added a luxe lingerie line to it's empire , Madame SuperTrash. So fond of the label, I was very excited what the result of this line would be. And with Madame SuperTrash she did it again. The label offers a luxury lingerie collection for the women who like the lift and support of lingerie, while still offering a bit of flirtyness and Parisian glamour. Olcay’s signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy feminity was immediately apparent in this first collection. Inspired by vintage underwear from the 40s and 50s, The first Madame SuperTrash collection tends to be classy chic with a lot of high-waisted pants, T-shirt and push-up bras, garter bodices and baby doll dresses. There’s six different styles (Animal, Dot, Stripe, Lace, Nightwear and Shape) to suit different moods, each embellished the iconic ST. gold logo.
Prices range from €27.95 to €49.95 and will be available at the online shop from Supertrash. 1

Madame Supertrash 

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