Part of the fun of Fashion Week trendspotting is there's so many snapshots to choose from: everybody is really going for it, outfit-wise. Especially Paris Fashion Week had a lot of amazing outfits to process. And luckely for us, there are some good fashion photographers hitting the streets to get all that fashion goodness on film! So with Fashion Week coming to a close, I threw together a collection of street style photos from my favourite blogs. This season I saw a lot of dark sunglasses, clashing prints, glamorous black pieces and bold accessories. For this Fall it seems like anything is possible, as long as it looks elegant and the colours match well: I also saw pops of bright neon and pale pastels, sleek leather, and textured tweeds. And which better place to watch all the most covetable outfits and accessories than Fashion week?

Forget the catwalks for a minute, this is where the real fashion happens...
*Enjoy the photos and let me know your favourites* Roberts RassiRouge

Sigrid AgrenAnna Dello Russo

21st arrondissement

Stockholm Streetstyle

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  1. 21ieme arrondissement is amazing! got shot by him in london & love his way of capturing pictures!
    what a lovely blog you have!! just came across it and totally enjoyed flipping through it!
    definitely following you now & would be more than happy if you took a look at my blog & tell me what you think!
    maybe you can become a follower too!?
    it would mean a lot :)
    xxx love,

  2. What an amazing blog. Love your articles and pictures. So beautiful. J'adore



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