Balmain keeps on surprising me season by season! When other designers have a season with showstopper pieces and then a more basic season, Olivier Rousteing and his team keep on amazing me... The trademark elements were still in there: pieces with pearls and crystals all over them, the long-sleeve minidress with the famous strong shoulders,... but he keeps on redefining the pieces in another theme. He moved his Las Vegas theme to Russia. So he couldn't pick a better model than Kasia Struss. The collection pieces seem more comfy: blazer's in men proportions, comfy pants,... Though, the collection was full of intensely elegant details such as pearl-encrusted pants and renaissance details. I love that the rips and tears moved over for more sophisticated, clean pieces. 
 The embellished jackets are just amazing!

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  1. These are incredible pictures, I wish I was there!
    Defiantly gained a follower in me!


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