*First of all, a big sorry for my lack of posts. It's a lame excuse but I went on a holiday to South-Africa and after that I immediately had to study for my exams. But I'm back now!*
And now over to the fashion part...
The pre-fall collection presentations attracted again a lot off well-dressed men and women, ready to capture their outfits.  Especially the models and fashion minded people inspire me all with their creative, innovative and off the runway looks. Big sunglasses and classic black dresses were seen everywhere. And styles which start life on the street corner have a way of ending up on the backs of top models on the world’s most prestigious fashion catwalks. Streetstyle goes further than the labels, but it's how well the clothes translate someones identity. Tommy ton from Jak&Jill says: “The search for what’s out there in the streets is driving the industry and pace of fashion.”  He continues, “Being able to see what people wear in any part of the world, with the click of a button, is mind boggling while feeding the industry exactly what it wants. Consumers can easily get anything from anywhere on the Internet but being able to view how people dress and wear the product all over the globe progressively drives globalization.” 

*What do you think of my selection?*

hebergeur imagehebergeur imagehebergeur image

 l'Effort moderne

Stockholm Streetstyle

Model Candids

The Photo Diarist

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