Bjorg Jewellery Desert photograph

Bjørg is a Norwegian company founded in 2004. I love the jewelry because every material is handmade, carefully selected, and customized to Bjørg’s vision which is always unpredictable and surprising. They are using 925 pure silver and natural precious stones from all over the world. Also all of the jewellery is made in accordance to ecological sustainable standards and fair trade regulations. I love the combination of the materials and the balance between the fine and the raw.  “Not all those who wonder are lost” is the collection created by the Bjørg jewelry brand for the coming season. The lookbook gives you a dreamy feeling and takes place in an amazing setting near the cliffs. In this specific collection, Bjørg present a range of jewelry made of bronze, gold, silver and other natural materials like crystals, horse hair and feathers. According to the designers, it “is in itself a journey. It’s a playful quest of a paradise lost to be recollected… The overall expression is raw, bold and playful, yet elegant and mesmerising.”
An eccentric twist on the classic nomadic jewelry themed pieces!

*I´m really liking the earpieces, what are your favourites?*
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