The dresses were in a neutral palette of beige, brown, black and white but adorned with gold hardware, silver chain, and leather harnesses. The fall designs prove their beauty is relentless, using new techniques and finishings. As well as some different cut outs on the dresses, which really has given the pieces the change that they needed. Everything had a very rockabilly feeling, even the details like the hair; the sides are slicked back with combed-in gel and pinned together in the  back, the front-middle section is teased and brushed, so it flowed down on the back of the head. Adding to that, zippers were a key detail and lined the back of nearly every dress. It wasn’t all short dresses however: we see also a fur trench, a bomber jacket, and loose cropped pants. This time their was also room for the more sophisticated Leger fan. 
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Herve Leger


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