Shot by Renam Christofoletti, brazilian born Carolina Ribeiro radiates with gold statement accessories like no one else. The beautiful gold jewelry pieces are from the legendary H.Stern. The brazilian based jeweler recognized international prestige having stores all over the world. Specializing in precious and semiprecious stones, he's guaranteeing quality from start to end. Called the king of diamonds by many prestigious fashion magazines and he is capable of unveiling the personality hidden story in every precious stone. That´s what´s makes his jewelry different and more special than the rest in my opinion. And who better to choose then Miss Ribeiro? A free-spirited woman with an unique face and a vibrant personality.
Conclusion: Stern creates pieces designed to thrill the jewelry lover in all of us. My favourite piece? The stocking gold “power rings'' and matching bracelet. 

H Stern

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love all, but specially the rings and the bracelets, the forms are so simple and perfect...seems like a second-skin jewellery


  2. This model reminds me of Alli McGraw. Remember her? She played in "Love Story" with Ryan O'Neal.


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