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Alber Elbaz loves to say that he designs for real women rather than fashion editors and models. This Lanvin Spring collection could be described as: strong, glamourous and with a subtle edge. It contains simple dresses for day, work suits, cocktail pieces, raincoats and ravishing evening wear. Colour played a major role, first in several shades of stone, then jewel tones of orange and ruby, and then finally, neon.
Karlie Kloss stole the show in a stunning orange dress. Elbaz also layered on the embellishment with pagan metalwork and we've seen metal bracelets that cuffed the shoes to the ankle which gives the outfits a certain edge. The shoes look amazing, but oh so high. Something which only true Stiletto Warriors can pull off. But we can definitely say this collection shows the perfect line between industrial and romantic Paris.
Paris Chic at it´s finest, if you ask me!

*A tip for fashionista's on a budget: Lanvin also designes an exclusive winter collection for H&M which will be in stores in 2 days (in Belgium)!*

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Vogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue Gallery

Vogue Gallery


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  1. The thing is that I live in Paris but I never spend my New Year's Eve here! But I know you can check in different party websites.. like www.paris-soiree.fr
    Hope it helped:)

  2. wow! amazing collection! love teh shoes!
    i just bumped into your blog! love it!

    xoxo from rome


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