*Fashion: The Home of Coco Rocha

In the new feature of Vogue, “APT with LSD,” Lauren Santo Domingo gets an inside look at the homes and apartments of some of Vogue’s favorite people—from models to designers, actors, stylists, artists, and more.
Model Coco Rocha was the first to open her home to the magazine to give a sneak peek at her decorative apartment and its memorable features.
After she was discovered at an Irish dancing competition, Coco's star rose quickly, which Vogue confirmed when it named her one of the top models of 2007. She’s a favorite of photographer Steven Meisel and has been the face for Balenciaga.
While preview spreads of her apartment have displayed her stunning terrace and decorative mirrors, the Vogue cameras captured her enviable makeup wardrobe, a limited look at her custom designed closet, a piggy bank that looks like a YSL bag, a DIY project that originated from a street find, and details about Steven Meisel’s wedding present for Coco - a picture of the model, by the artist. It´s not particulary the most amazing interior design i've seen, but it's the perfect balance of Chic vs Cheap that intrigues me.

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  http://media.vogue.com/files/2010/08/30/_DSC0374_140851940492.jpg At home with Coco Rocha


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  1. Coco is most surely one of Vogue's favorite's.
    I love this style especially the paint color.

  2. Your site looks great! (Your picture looks amazing as well!)


  3. Hello, thanks for the comments in my blog, I'm now following yours...I love the decoration of the house, specially the "provence blue" walls and the mix between objects and styles...really great




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