*Fashion: Exchange Links

The concept is simple:
You have a Fashion Blog which covers the world of fashion, runway or lifestyle and searching for some publicity. Well, I can tell you that link exchanges have helped foster this goal for many sites/blogs.
That's why I started this Concept.
So to all the Fashion blog owners that like to appear on this blog, just comment on this post with your blog adress and (blogger) email.
After this I'll visit your blog as soon as possible, and see if it fits my blog's theme. After my approval I'll send you an email which shows you that you succeed to appear on my blogroll.
I'll ask you to put my blog in your blogroll first off course, to be sure that we're exchanging links.
After seeing my blog appearing on your blogroll, I'll ad yours! And in the future there might be a possibility I write an issue about you for my Blogger of the Month post.
If there is something that isn't clear, feel free to ask!

***Be fast, because I only put a max. of 10 Blogs on my Blogroll!***

8 opmerkingen:

  1. What a lovely idea!


  2. love this idea! my blog is pretty new and i work hard on it <3
    xo Veronica

  3. Great idea!

    I'll add your blog anyway, I just checked it out after reading your comment on my blog (thank you btw :-) ) and I like it!


    Comme Coco

  4. You are in the list ;)
    Thanks for the comments and keep in touch
    x Laura

  5. I'm all about building a blogger community! Hopefully I'm not too late, if so...I hope I make the next list...

    Great Concept, IFB has one as well, it def helps with connecting!

  6. U were already on my daily post list =)


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