*Fashion: Jimmy Choo for H&M

This autumn, British accessory brand Jimmy Choo will bring its international glamour and covetable shoes and bags to selected H&M stores. The collection will be available from November 14 in around 200 stores across the world. The main focus will be shoes, but Choo will also be designing men and women's bags, accessories, and even clothing. This marks the first designer accessory collaboration for H&M. We can speak of a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection.

Why I love Jimmy Choo? His pieces are glamorous and sexy, and they add instant style to your entire outfit. (even when you keep the rest of the outfit simple)

*So set your calendars chicks and give your comment on the preview of the collection!*











4 opmerkingen:

  1. jimmy choo the best shoes EVER

    great blog


  2. Love my Jimmy Choo shoes! Thank so much for the preview! I passed it on to my daughter in Seattle and she wants one of everything:-) I think it's great especially the dresses! I love the grey dress a lot!

    (How are you? Have missed you!)

  3. i loooove the blue ones!


  4. Thanks for the comments so far!
    Just started university in Brussels and already lots and lots of work.
    How are you?
    Thanks for passing by!

    x Laura


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