*Trend: Statement Shoulders

Bold sculptural shoulders are a key trend this Spring, as we saw on several catwalks.
After the Balmain show, longer- exaggerated shoulders are officially the big thing for summer.
However, the new big shoulder isn’t just an 80’s throwback to the shoulder pad stuffed power suit.
For 2009, shoulders have new prints like a geometric edge.
When you wear this trend, it's very important to give the silhouette some balance.
A great trick is to wear your accentuated jacket with a tight fitted pencil skirt and to accessories with a belt, to emphasise your waist.
Here some great pieces as example:
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Alexander McQueen Crepe fitted jacket

Alexander McQueen Crepe fitted jacket

Balmain big shoulder jacket

Balmain Exaggerated shoulder top

Balmain shoulder top

Preen Line Hobbie jersey top

Preen Hobby jersey top

Oscar de la Renta Silk pleated sleeve jacket

Oscar de la Renta silk pleated sleeve jacket

Marchesa Embroidered silk sheath dress

Marchesa Embriored silk dress

Balmain Embroidered mini dress

Balmain embriodered mini dress






9 opmerkingen:

  1. I am sooooooo into this trend- love the Balmain blouses!


    P.S. I comment on lots of blogs so I think that's one reason I get lots of comments on mine :)

  2. Thank you :)
    I used Photoshop CS2

    I love the jackets, especially Balmain's sighs... :)


  3. balmain does it soo well. i still havent tried this trend yet, im afraid it will make me look stocky since im not a tall skinny supermodel or anything. lol

  4. @ Yuka: I understand, it's a tricky trend.
    It's obvious that this silhouette isn't going to work with every body type.
    It's a fact that this trends works better with taller girls, but that shouldn't scare you ;)
    I'm not that tall too, that's why I prefer wearing a top or dress with ruffled or puffed up shoulders.
    x Laura

  5. I love it, it's so 80's...
    Power dressing!!!


  6. I like them all except the shoulder on the purple top. I just bought a Stella jacket that reminds me of the 80's but it's much better. If I was a bit younger I would dive in and get the military Balmain Jacket. It is to die for! What would you tell a client... what is the age cutoff for that particular jacket?

  7. @ Charlie:
    Sorry for the late comment, I've been very busy lately.
    I don't think there is an age cutoff for the Balmain jacket.
    I have a friend who's mom wears her Balmain military jacket all the time (they have the same size) and she's 50.
    With a balmain jacket, the main key is to keep the rest of the outfit simple.
    x Laura

  8. Thank you! That's exciting news. Hugs!

  9. the balmain one is a classic.
    i adore it


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