*Trend: Cropped jackets

Cropped jackets and blazers are a mainstay, especially since they tend to be fairly figure flattering.
What’s new is the uber cropped jacket that hits above the natural waist.
While they’re not as warm as full length jackets, they’re ripe with possibility for layering.
Plus, they’re great for long waisted women, as they visually shorten your torso and lengthens your leg line.
They also suit a number of styles and necklines, as they come in collarless versions or with decorative Peter Pan-style collars.
Just one of these chic jackets can update your entire wardrobe.

Matthew Williamson Cotton cropped jacket

Matthew Williamson cotton cropped jacket

Helmut Lang Cropped leather jacket

Helmut Lang Cropped leather jacket

Donna Karan Crinkled cropped jacket

Donna Karan crinkled cropped jacket

Fendi Cropped collarless jacket

Fendi cropped colorlass jacket

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tweed cropped blazer

Marc by Marc Jacobs tweed cropped blazer





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