*Fashion: Harpers Bazaar Editorial

Recently, I saw some amazing snapshots of the march issue about 'exotic jewelry' in Harpers Bazaar.

We all know that the jewelry trend of 2009 is 'statement jewelry' (view my first blog post about 'oversized jewelry')

But for this summer it's especially the exotic-inspired who are the major accessories trend for 2009.

The pieces in this issue are amazing, using layerings of bangles and clusters of cocktail rings.

We saw a variation of colors and unconventional materials such as wood, ceramics, plastic, leather, sea shell beads, and different kinds of stonegems.

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uk harper bazaar

uk harper bazaar

uk harper bazaar

uk harper bazaaruk harper bazaar



7 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh this pictures are stunning and I love 'statement jewelry'!
    I will be wearing the few things I have on this S/S


  2. Love the tribal trend too and want all the cocktail rings on picture 1!!!

  3. yes acutally the dress was only $16 if you can believe that!

    ps. i love the jewels on all the photos!

  4. i love all that fabulous jewelry!!!


  5. thank you :]
    love your blog header and these photos too! xx

  6. I love the colors and the big "Statement Jewelry" they have really brought back the 70's&80's but better. Love the make-up as well all of it is so vibrant. I cannot wait to see how fashionista's around the world will translate it on the streets...will they wear the entire look or just elements of it?

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am especially pleased because it lead me to your awesome blog!

  7. how amazing are the rings on that first picture, i cant stop looking at them xxx


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