*Fashion: City dresses

In the last few years, city dresses have become the welcome alternative to the skirt and blouse under a jacket.

Simple shifts in beautiful colours and fabrics under an unconstructed cardigan-style jacket are both easy to wear and comfortable.

Against such a simple backdrop, you can add a finishing touch such as a striking necklace, a mixture of pearls and gold chains with earrings and look terrific (oversized jewels) and peep toe ankle heels.

Like all other items in your wardrobe, the fit of your dresses is very important.

A dress only looks elegant and businesslike if it is slightly loose, not figure-hugging. This is why you should choose fabrics of substance, such as wool, wool and cotton blends, linen, tightly-woven knits, challis, etc.

I have chosen 5 of my favourite dresses based on the current season:

(all these designer dresses are shown as example/directive, but there can be found lots of cheaper alternatives)

Marchesa Asymmetric pleat dress
Asymmetric pleat dress, Marchesa

Zac Posen Cove satin dress

Cove Satin Dress, Zac Posen

Michael Kors Beaded cashmere tank dress

Beaded cashmere tank dress, Michael Kors

Rachel Gilbert Amber mini dress
Amber Mini Dress, Rachel Gilbert
Catherine Malandrino Jeweled tank dress
Jeweled tank dress, Catherine Malandrino

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