Three models taking a selfie in NYC

I absolutely love roaming street style blogs on lazy sunday afternoon and my absolute favorite still is, without doubt, Arrondissement 21. There were off course a lot of black and white standout pieces, but this season there was also a lot of print-heavy, textile-rich looks. From vintage pieces to straight of the runway pieces, the best pieces are translated directly to the sidewalks in this certain effortless way. Inventing a style means inventing a life to go with it, that's why Street Style Blogs still remain to be so popular along the fashion crowd.
And this season, there's a certain "Je ne sais quoi", which you sense more than ever. 

Buro 24/7 Editor wearing green leather
Woman wearing an Andrea Crews skirtAustralian editor wearing all blackAustralian woman wearing a green outfitBritish model at a garden partyGirl wearing a blue dress and big black hatWoman with a Chanel art bag and iPhoneWoman talking on her phone

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