Fashion week is the week where stylists, bloggers, fashion editors and style-struck students are showing off their mash-up of vintage clothes, fast fashion and high-end labels more than ever. Each fashion week season, a new class of style setters take over the streets. Florals, an array of new prints and embellishments were everywhere to be seen on and off the runway. All the big cities are known for their sophisticated and contemporary fashion and it's the go-to place for getting some inspirational statement pieces for your wardrobe.It's the girl on the street that appeals to other women in terms of fashion, pieces that are simple in cut, but yet elegant for plenty of occasions.
I've collected some stand-out snaps for you below! Enjoy and let me know what you think of the outfits that the fashion pack have been wearing to make an impression on the streets.


Arrondissement 21

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