I really like the snapshots of Candice Swanepoel for the February issue of Vogue Italy. Known as a victoria secret girl,  she shows me her high end fashion capability for the first time. In front of Steven Meisel's lens, Candice transforms into luxe glamour while donning the designs of Burberry Prorsum, Blumarine, Versace and other high fashion labels. Meisel is one of the most iconic fashion photographers of all time in my opinion.  The freedom that Steven Meisel enjoys on Italian Vogue is exceptional , as is the length of the collaboration and its systematic nature, both unprecedented in the field. What I like about his photography is that he makes models come out in their strong personality, their own aesthetic and personal choices. The cover celebrate's Candice’s crossover success and shows you that the ladies of SA are still a viable high fashion commodity.

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  1. Beautiful and sexy, just the way I like it!
    Xoxo, K.

  2. These images are beautiful! I think Vogue Italia is definitely the best Vogue publication xxx

  3. I want her watch! Great post. :)


  4. those photos are stunning, love it :D


  5. bad ass photos. love all the KJL jewels and Bvlgari watch.

  6. Thanks ladies. I'm loving the gucci dress and the matching belt.
    Keep in touch!
    x Laura


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