Here are some shots off the Versace Resort look book with model Ginta Lapina. In my opinion, the collection is vibrant, colorful, sleek and a sexy women’s collection. There was a vibrant early sixties sex-bomb pulse to many of the looks, but it still has a strong tie with the previous season collection. The clothes had a sleek, kittenish spirit and suited Edie Sedgwick perfectly. Donnatella definitely wanted to make it a young collection: with the use off vibrant colors, designed provocative mini skirts and clinging dresses. But it all comes together in an elegant, classy way.  

The shoes from the collection were the most intricate part of the collection: colours, patterns and different designs caught the eye and added even more colour to the already vibrant outfits. It all came together in a show with lots of eyecatching pieces. 

*You like this collection off Versace?*
!Oh and exciting news!, I've been invited to lots of shows at Amsterdam Fashion Week and I think I might be going...
Also big thanks to my follower Filipa, who nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award!

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the purple lipstick and the energetic colors ;) Filipa

  2. Persoonlijk trekt die collectie me niet zo. Ik hou niet van zulke felle kleuren en de cuts zijn ook te ehh "decent" voor mij.

    En ja de schoenen zijn op zich wel vet, maar ik vind het wel raar dat haar tenen zo ver uitsteken *-*?

    Leuke blog trouwens!
    En veel plezier AIFW! (hoe ben je eigenlijk uitgenodigd trouwens? het lijkt me erg leuk om volgend jaar zelf eens te kijken ^^)


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