First of all, I wanna wish you all A happy 2011! Saying farewell to 2010 at the Sacre Coeur Cathedral plaza was mindblowing. The best place for celebrating while looking at the entire Paris skyline. That being said, with all that celebrating and studying I neglected my blog a little bit. So back to business...

Here are my monthly picks for Street Style looks. What's so inspirational about Street fashion? In the fashionable districts of the main capitals, people on the street are independent of any mainstream fashion system and so their sense of style goes beyond the conventional model of fashion business with different marketing strategies and occupational categories (like in runway shows). Fashion Weeks are mostly the main focus for street style snapshots as the bastion of style and culture. I like variety, that's why I presented a mish mash of photos from stylish people, models and personal individuals around the globe. With the bad weather in most of the capitals of the world, we (or I) tend to creative layers - scarves, hats and jackets. It seems very risky but thats why these people can give us inspiration on doing it right. It's not necessarily about following what's "in fashion"  or ''copying'' a style but putting together outfits that reflect your personality and mood.

*Enjoy this snapshots and tell me your favourite winter style(s)*

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