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I'm sorry for the lack of posts but it's been very busy lately.
I promise to make it all good in the vacation with XL fashion and lifestyle posts.

I've been roaming lots of professional street blogs (main reason: Fashion Week) and I've found lots and lots of alarming new trends I wanted to share for this Spring. 
You see more and more variety on the street: people don't necessarily follow what's "in" but they often put together outfits that reflect their personality and mood.
As well as photographers have a brighter focus in the age, race and aesthetic in the pictures they choose to publish. This are the main reasons I wanted to I wanted to focus on a variety of looks and aggregate all the latest styles from the world's top fashion blogs.

*Enjoy, let them inspire you and tell me what's your Summer Musthave!*


Jak Jill

Foto Valise

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  1. Cara

    It is more about fit than fashion, for just us gals. But, these ladies would look good in a paper bag...wait isn't that the for next fall???



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