*Fashion: Street style XL

I`m back with an XL dosis of Street Style Fashion. This time my focus was most on the models off the runway. we capture working models, in their natural element, as they go about their day-to-day activities - running from casting to casting or job to job. It's their creative way of giving themselves a 'voice' and allowing to be themselves beneath the veneer of makeup and clothes that mask their true personalities. Models may be primarily known for the way they wear other people's clothes, but most off us are more interested in what they select when they're not on the clock. What I like about most about them is that their styles can flip from ultra-edgy to completely commercial in the blink of an eye. It's visible most of them prefer a (even for Spring) simple a black-and-white palette. But most off all they combine pieces from big designer brands with vintage-shop finds like no one else. 
Effortlessly Chic All the way!

*Enjoy the ''off duty'' picks*



Shoot The Breeze

Who What Wear

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