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Fashion is trend-driven and fashion blogs provide a new way to follow these trends.
With fashion blogs gaining more and more influence on the industry and being the owner of a fashion blog myself, I thought of doing something with this phenomenon. I decided to make a selection of my favourite influential fashion forces and their fashion blogs and ask them some important questions to get a reach on who`s behind that fashion eccentric. It`s a pleasure to let my fellow followers join on this journey in the midst of this bold new blogger landscape.
For the first post of this new initiative, I want to introduce a lady who`s been there at the very beginning of my blog. Her blog is called Vintage Lollipops and she has a fashion blog since July 2008. She`s a writer from the US and has been featured in many fashion blogs and sites. Lots of them gave her awards for her keen eye of fashion and showing off her personal outfits. What I like so much about her style is that she combines statement jewelry and rock-chick fabulousnes effortlessly without loosing her femininity chic.

I`ve wanted to give you a personal scoop about her style, so I chose a couple of questions to ask her.

What made you want to start a fashion blog?
I started Vintage Lollipops, because as a writer, I'm always searching for various creative outlets to plug into, so I coupled my love of storytelling with the art of fashion... hoping for a candid and somewhat diary-like representation of all my daily musings.
                                               Who's your favorite designer?
I'm not entirely convinced that I could limit the realm of extraordinary designers down to just one... much like my style, I intend to keep favorites in a multi-faceted and ever-evolving spin cycle.

What's the #1 thing a woman should have in her closet?
Confidence and savage kicks. Okay, that's actually two things.  

Must have top 3 for this fall?
Tips for bloggers?
Diversity is beautiful, don't revolutionize for anyone, shun the ensnarement of unnecessary self-criticism, humility is a virtue, and at the end of the day...  embrace who you are even if no one else does.

*Enjoy and tell me what you think of this new initiative!*

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Great idea. I cant wait to read more!

  2. Love her responses to your questions! I'm always on the lookout for great bloggers, so thanks.


  3. oh the heels are very much pretty ! your blog is very interesting !
    visit my blog ;)


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